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About Soor Mandir

SOOR MANDIR  is an institution not merely for the development of art. It exists in order that youth may be educated, not to become artist alone but   to have the right attitude to life, the right attitude to arts, in order that they may be great service to our country.

The sole aim of this cultural organisation is to give proper training and guidance to the budding and promising talents in the field of performing Arts as well as to exhibit and expose their acquired talent in various Dance as well as cultural festivals in and outside to the state. Similarly the main objectives of this well known institution is to preserve, propagate and develop the classical dance of Odissi .

Workshop Anadaman

SOOR MANDIR, as the name suggest, is a centre for artistic Endeavour  founded in 1994 by the vibrant visionary ‘DR. JYOTSNA  SAHOO’, the institution stands   testimony to her dream of creating a space where the essence of Indian thought would find expression through artistic education. She established with the vision of  “ imparting to the young true spirit of art, devoid of commercialism”.

Soor  Mandir  has  panelized  under  I.C.C.R,  New  Delhi  and  E.Z.C.C, Kolkata. Soor Mandir has affiliated with the Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh and Odisha Sangeet Natak Academy , Bhubaneswar.

Soor Mandir3

The students of Soor Mandir  have performed in U.S.A, Doha, Muscat, Australia & Kuwait, Trinidad and Tabago, Guatemala, Honduras, el Salvador.  Another  important feature of our academy is that Soor mandir have open a branch for  training in Odissi dance in Georgia, USA. . Soor mandir have performed 4589 stage shows, T.V shows extensively throughout the major cities of the country even abroad.

Soor Mandir conducts Summer workshop , Winter workshop during the month of May, June, July, December & January. The school is located at Mani Sahoo chhak, buxi bazaar, Cuttack, Odisha, India in the Pristine spot of this Predominately residential locality.

SOOR MANDIR  also organises 4 festivals in a year- “Raja festival”, “Guru Smarane”, “Kalanjali” and “Praramvam” to create awareness among the people.

Workshop at Guatemala
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