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The institution has expanded its horizon to teaching the following art forms:-

1. Odissi Dance

2. Folk Dance

3. Hindustani vocal

4. Instrument ( Pakhauj and Tabla)

We generally advocate that a child be atleast 5 years of old before beginning lessons in dance and music. The training in dance involves an understanding of Odissi, Music, Rhythm and overview of the aesthetic value of dance.

Courses are includes both the the theory and practical. Practical also includes a comprehensive reportoire of reusable techniques. Apart from regular classes, extensive additional training is also provided for each student. They also have the privilege of initiating the "Manch Pravesh" (Debut Performance).


Professional dancers and dance teachers are given training in specialised areas like Items, Choreography and Tala Structure.


Western wear is not permitted in the class at any times. Those who are doing advanced courses are advised to wear a practice saree. Students of 7 years duration courses (basic courses) have the salwar-kameez in white and red as their dress code.


Every year a small number of scholarships are offered to talented and financially ill equipped students wishing to expand their dance horizons. They get full fee exemption for all the 7 years upto their "Manch Pravesh" (Debut Performance).


Two types of annual prizes are awarded.

1. For the student with highest attendance average.

2. For the Best Dancer /  Performer secured in the examination.


Students are encouraged to perform in the shows conducted under the auspicious of "Soor Mandir" for greater hands- on experience.


School has one teacher for music and instrument and four teachers in dance section. Director herself is available in addition.

Advanced courses and senior classes are handled by the Director herself.


1. Beginner's course - 12 months (8 classes in a month)

2. Intermediary course - 8 months (12 classes in a month)

3.Expert course - 6 months (8 classes in a month)

Each and every dance class will be on Zoom meeting.


( According to the timezone of the concerned  country  )


Monday and Wednesday - 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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